Happiness from the Skies Client: Coca-Cola

Happiness from the Skies
Client: Coca-Cola

Singapore is a first-world country built by a migrant workforce. Far away from family and friends, they work in extremely tough conditions to earn a livelihood. Yet, their efforts often go unappreciated and unrecognized, while they themselves have never been completely acknowledged as part of Singaporean society. Migrant construction workers are Singapore’s invisible people.

Over several days, we collected thousands of heartfelt messages of appreciation from Singaporeans. A fleet of drones then delivered these messages together with Coke, surprising migrant construction workers at places that are out of reach from the public, and at a time they needed refreshment the most – construction sites where they toil under the midday sun, twenty stories up. Each delivery brought happiness from the skies, and every message a sense of recognition and belonging.

Coke Drones_Spikes Board_25jul14

‘Happiness from the Skies’ wasn’t set out to solve a problem. It was simply a way to bring happiness to an isolated group of people by connecting them to the rest of the Singaporean community, and through it, create a ripple effect. Over 2,000 construction workers received messages from thousands of Singaporeans. The project featured extensively on news and social media, with the video earning over 400,000 views in a month. 78% of conversations created were positive and only 8% negative. The total PR value came up to SG$1.7 million.

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Singapore
Chief Creative Officer: Eugene Cheong
Executive Creative Director: Melvyn Lim
Copywriters: Martin Loh, Augustus Sung
Art Directors: Daphne Tann, Raziff Lau